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The Lit Latte Book Club

Welcome to "The Enclave of Illuminated Pages," an exquisite assembly for connoisseurs of literature and seekers of intriguing discourse. Within these hallowed walls, The Lit Latte Book Club invites kindred spirits who are enamored with the written word and the labyrinthine musings it unveils.

Here, the pages of history, non-fiction treatises, memoirs, dramatic sagas, and the ethereal prose of local authors coalesce into a tapestry of intellectual indulgence. Whether your heart flutters for the classics or resonates with the nuances of contemporary fiction, our society embraces the varied spectrum, from shadowed humor to the brightest facets of romance and the intricacies of the human mind.

More than a mere book club, our enclave is a haven where souls aligned by literary fervor converge. A realm of camaraderie where friendships flourish amidst spirited exchanges and spirited cups of the finest brew. Delve into the abyss of ideas, dissect the sinews of narrative, and traverse the corridors of curiosity, all in the sheltered embrace of our gatherings.

In a world of relentless pace, we offer a sanctuary — a dimly lit alcove where the flicker of thought can ignite into fiery debates and the fragrance of brewed wisdom hangs heavy in the air. As the doors of The Lit Latte swing open, they beckon you to join, to traverse the corridors of prose, to sip knowledge from cups brimming with insight, and to pen your own chapter within the annals of our enigmatic discourse.

What to bring

  1. your book for this meeting

  2. discussion topics for the book

  3. a list of novels for our next reading (members vote on novels to read)

We’d love to see you at our next Lit Latte´ book club meeting . . .
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