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from Notes to Prose Writer's Group

hosted by Michelle Spencer

Writing is typically a solo endeavor, but finding a community of writers that support one another can be a great source for accomplishment, inspiration and encouragement. Whether you’re a published author or want to start writing your first book, from Notes to Prose Writer's Group can offer a supportive environment 

First Saturday of every month 
222 Wanaque Avenue 
Pompton Lakes NJ

Why join?



We are a safe place to share your own writing and get authentic feedback so you know which elements are working and which ones are not. Critiquing someone else’s writing can even show you ways to improve your own work.



When you set writing goals for yourself, share them with your group. It’s easier to stave off procrastination when other people are counting on you.



When you get stuck, it’s easy to quit writing. Our members will be supportive of your endeavor, offering words of encouragement and advice to help keep you going.



If you are suffering from writer’s block and you don’t know where to take your story next, run your problem past your writing group. Navigate through slow writing times by bouncing ideas off your group.



Members will be at all different levels and can share their experiences and give advice on the writing process. Some members  know how to write a great opening line while others might know about publishing. We are a support group where members can exchange ideas on the finer points of the art of writing.

We’d love to see you at our next writer's club meeting...
Is this your first time attending?

Thanks for registering. See you there!

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